andrea marini

andrea marini

Andrea Marini: born in Tuscany, he starts his career in Rome working on documentaries and short films, later he moves to Milan and starts working also on commercials.

His remarkable skills in visual storytelling, always elegant and extremely technical, give him the ability to face different themes by always keeping the same style.

Whether we talk about the iconic engine of a Ferrari (Ferrari 312B), or the recipe of the greatest chef in the world (A Visual Ode to a Hare in the Woods), passing through the dance of Peck (Peck The Great Orchestra- ), to the body of an athlete (Uliveto 4U), Andrea remains true to his great attention to details and an aesthetic that allows him to transform every single gesture into an homage to crafting and high-end execution.

A Visual Ode to A Hare in the Woods - featuring Massimo Bottura

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