We are ES.POIRE, an Italian director's duo composed by Marzia De Clercq (half roman and belgian) and Filippo Nava (a native milanese).
We started directing on a short-film in Venice in 2009 and since then we never stopped framing together. On set we split our eyes, by focusing each on a very specific part of the project we are filming: one relies more on cinematography and operates the camera, while the other works with the actor in a very natural, authentic way - and is very keen on art-direction and styling. Empathy is our keyword by working with the actors. Extremely accurate art-direction and a realistic approach to direction are two of our strengths, along with a cinematographic vision of advertising where images are translated in emotion. What we love the most is telling a story: to portray people through their personal belongings and narrate them within the spaces they inhabit.

And what is the meaning of our logo? ES.POIRE is a freudian "es" coupled with a pear, the most juicy and sensual fruit. Together they sounds like the word "hope" in french. Which is actually very cool. We are ES.POIRE, a hope of a bigger cinematic influence in advertising.
This are some of the brands we worked with: Sorgenia, A2A, Yomo, Vodafone, Bialetti, Jeep, Eni, Peugeot, Oliver Peoples, Trussardi, Ferrero, Tim, Airc, Airc, Amplifon, Realtime, Breil, Nespresso, Allianz, Beko, Sunsilk, Eprice, Autogrill, Banca Popolare di Milano, BIC, FAI fondo ambiente italiano.

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