joachim zunke

joachim zunke

Director and Dop based in LA.

With his unique style he creates high creative images and is trying to find new ways telling stories on each project he’s working on. Joachim shot around sixty to seventy music videos all over this planet.« Worked with: Adidas, Asics, Mercedes, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen,  Lee Jeans, LA Phil´s, Pantene, Renaissance Hotels, Blue Moon and Artists like Boy, Akua Naru, Samy Deluxe, Judith Hill, Beginner, Rhonda, Gallon Drunk, Sadie Sink, Brooklyn Beckham, Ton Steine Scherben etc…


Cadillac | Innerspace

Mini |Lisboa

Syoss | The thief

Jaegermeister | red face

BMW I vision | Circular

Vogue Portugal | Autumn

Maryville University

Pantene |The heist

Sud Tirol

La Philarmonic

Renaissance Hotel | Discover this way


The beach


Rhonda | off the track

Pantene | fresh ending


Sadie sink for Porter