luca caon

luca caon

After a degree in Communication and a master course in directing at the Milan Film School, Luca has been working in visual storytelling since his early twenties. He started his career as journalist and photojournalist, and then moved to television and cinema working as camera operator, editor, documentary filmmaker and 1st AD, in Italy and in Switzerland. This journey has allowed him to experience in-depth every stage of the filmmaking process, from writing to post-production. Stepping up to directing was the natural evolution of this path. 

His body of work includes fashion films, tvc’s, corporate movies and branded content, with a main focus on luxury brands. His style, made of great attention to detail, clean and symmetrical image composition and sumptuous cinematography, has been the choice of a wide range of italian an international clients for its minimalist elegance and its uncompromising cinematic quality. Thanks to his background as storyteller and to his passion for mountaineering and wildlife, Luca is also keen on developing documentary-style long length formats, combing engaging narrative with high-end imagery. 


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